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Sonic Serenity

Vibrational Sound Healing

Transcending time and space, sound can have remarkable effects on the brain.  When utilizing the pure vibrational tones of crystal sound bowls, chimes, harps, tuning forks, and crystal pyramids, and even the human voice-box, these effects can be incredibly healing, and even regenerative.  One of the best ways to connect to your higher purpose, involves creating space in the mind, body and soul.  Clear your path to TruNorth with the tranquil experience of bathing in sound.

Sonic Services

Service Enhancements


Hi-fi Wireless Headphones


Aromatherapy Enhancements


Total Supply Package - Pillows, blankets and eye masks


Custom recordings to take your unique experience home for private and continued listening.

About the Healer

Sasa Niya Adiya is an international wellness retreat practitioner, certified Sound Healer, and natural immersive director at TruNorth. With a decade of experience in the non-profit health sector, she has always followed her passion and purpose in the area of creating healing pathways for her community.  After embarking on a personal journey of conscious living practices, she discovered the power of sound, connection to nature and many other modalities in the holistic healing sphere.  Her sessions can involve a fusion of organic and electronic sound, as well as nature-scapes and intuitive harmonization. Sasa has hosted and collaborated at private and public events in the United States, its Territories and Costa Rica.

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