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On Purpose


On Purpose Coaching

The greatest leaders are those who have experienced the breakthrough of connecting deeply with their purpose.

Personal coaching and discovering one's purpose are fundamental cornerstones for entrepreneurs, senior leaders, and professionals aiming to excel in both their personal and professional lives. At its core, personal coaching offers a tailored, reflective space for individuals to explore their strengths, challenges, and aspirations, fostering profound self-awareness and actionable insights. This journey of self-discovery is crucial for uncovering one’s true purpose—the driving force that gives meaning to our actions and decisions.

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This program has been designed with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and business leaders in mind. For entrepreneurs and leaders, understanding and aligning with their purpose is transformative, serving as a compass that guides strategic decisions, enhances resilience, and cultivates a leadership style that is both authentic and inspiring.

Our Program

Our Participants

We've helped business owners, senior-level executives, community leaders and passionate, curious people to:

  • Take their passion and purpose to the next level

  • Get unstuck from the barriers that have been getting in their way

  • Break through procrastination, lack of direction, or fleeting motivation

  • Lead with authenticity and purpose in their life, family, and workplace

  • Become a force for change in their community and workplace culture by knowing where to start and how to move

  • Level up their habits with greater motivation and discipline


We help participants navigate their unique pathways to purpose, so they can discover, develop and live On Purpose in both work and home life. 

Ask an  On Purpose Coach about the 5 On Purpose Points and understand how they can begin supporting your journey:

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Purpose drives us beyond the limits of what we know, into the possibilities of what we can become.

What's Included

Starting packages include:

  • 5 hours of personalized 1:1 On Purpose Coaching

  • Access to our exclusive 5-Step Program with rich content and reflection exercises

  • Interactive Group Coaching and designated affinity spaces, for sharing and learning with like-minded participants.

  • Monthly Townhall sessions,  featuring special guests

Behavioral Science

Why Willpower just isn't enough

Typical self-improvement programs tell you to push through challenges and barriers with sheer willpower, selecting 'better' habits. But this is a recipe for disappointment, as no one can continually battle their nature and keep winning.


People often make short-term changes to their habits: it’s known as 'trying something new'. But these don't last.  To create life-changing results that persist, you need a simple system that changes your beliefs, relationship, and habits On Purpose.

The Science behind On Purpose

The On Purpose Transformation Challenge leverages principles of motivational psychology, behavioral science, and quantum physics to first help you understand the emotional intelligence behind your unproductive habits, and how to reframe your relationship with emotions like fear, guilt, shame, anger, and sadness so you can level up your daily habits with ease and Purpose.

How It Works

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The Principles to Lasting Fulfillment

On Purpose is an innovative approach that draws from time-tested principles of personal growth and life fulfillment. A key principle of On Purpose is that ‘every individual has a unique purpose’ and the degree to which a person aligns with their purpose is a measure of their fulfillment and joy. These principles have been known to create profound changes in individuals' lives.


Powerful Behavioral Psychology

Hasira Soul Ashemu, the creator of On Purpose, has been a professional coach and speaker for decades: they understand human behavior and how to create lasting change in you. The program structure is based on powerful behavioral psychology techniques that help you implement the desired changes quickly and easily.


Microlearning For Your Busy Schedule

The traditional way of taking courses is time-consuming and lacks accountability. The On Purpose program is delivered through a microlearning platform, enabling you to experience the program along with thousands of others under real-time guidance. No need to find time for lengthy courses. Just 10 minutes a day for 90 days is all it takes to see lasting change.


No Drastic Changes Required

The On Purpose program is designed so that you will NOT feel overwhelmed and there is no requirement for drastic lifestyle changes. This program focuses on mental and emotional balance, getting your life goals, energy levels, and purpose on track so that you naturally find yourself enjoying life more.


Designed For a Breakthrough In 90 Days or Less

Most people know what they should do to live a purposeful life. The challenge is sticking to it. The well-structured Five On Purpose Points breaks most people's old patterns, mindsets, internal messages, and energetics so they can step into the next level of their success and leadership. 

This system tackles the primary reasons behind your past challenges in achieving the changes you deeply desire. It guides you through an easy, step-by-step process to make permanent changes without ever feeling restricted and always having a sense of abundant freedom.

Find out if you are eligible to receive On Purpose coaching through your company wellness or training benefits.

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"The moment you discover your purpose, everything changes. Your heart aligns, your mind sharpens, and your leadership transforms from a role to a calling."

What People Are Saying

“[they]have made me feel hopeful, empowered, connected, humbled, and ready to live my purpose.”
“[they] have taught me to enjoy life and feel my self worth”
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