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Organizational Transformation & Strategy

How do we create meaningful, lasting shifts in culture?

TruNorth's expertise lies in catalyzing profound cultural transformation, propelling teams and leaders into the new paradigm of purpose-driven success.  As master facilitators, we merge the science of behavior change with powerful storytelling and space-holding, all through a prism of equity, empowerment, and inclusion.

Our Areas of Expertise:

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Strategic Planning

Oftentimes organizations go through strategic planning processes, and their goals related to equity, belonging and talent retention are separate from their other business imperatives around sustainability and growth.

Our approach to strategic planning practices inclusion with focus groups and deep staff engagement, while coaching the organization on how to make authentic  transformation that drives the organization forward on all the metrics that matter most to them.

360 ASSESSMENTS We conduct focus groups and gather quantitative data to understand strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots to achieving the next level of success. Includes audit of HR, branding & messaging, programmatic components, and other core systems and operations to identify how your organizations can better reach target audiences in culturally-affirming ways that resonate.

EQUITY-BASED GOALSETTING Beyond 'checking the box,' true equity within organizations must be measurable, actionable, and tailored to respect the nuances within each part of an organization. We help teams set goals and define metrics that encapsulate their unique pathways towards true equity.


Belonging & Work Culture

We believe that organizations excel when individuals find a deep sense of belonging to their team- this stems from a sense of shared purpose, and a felt sense of safety and trust.  

TruNorth assists organizations in gaining a comprehensive understanding of employee engagement and mobilization, pinpointing the drivers of motivation and what's getting in the way of progress.  We provide guidance and support for managing the transition to a new culture, helping overcoming resistance to change, maintaining momentum, and ensuring unity and cohesion to a shared vision.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION Fostering a truly inclusive environment goes beyond policies and quotas—it's about cultivating a culture that celebrates differences and promotes equal opportunities for all. We emphasize the importance of active listening, empathy, and open dialogue, working with organizations to understand their unique challenges and aspirations. Our goal is to help organizations not just meet DEI benchmarks, but to embrace diversity as a source of innovation, strength, and competitive advantage. Through interactive workshops, equity audits, targeted training, and strategic advisory, we help embed DEI principles into the very fabric of your organization, from leadership to entry-level.

WORKPLACE TRAINING TruNorth offers bespoke workplace training alongside our flagship modules and certifications in trust-building and organizational purpose.


Change & Crisis Management

Transformation is not just about adopting new processes or technologies, but about people—how they adapt, engage, and grow within the evolving landscape of their work environment.  We focus on creating inclusive strategies that empower individuals  to see their purpose and role within change. By fostering a culture of open communication, and equipping leaders with the tools and insights to navigate these transitions smoothly, we ensure that change is not just implemented, but embraced.

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT & MEDIATION Facilitating small and large group conversations to shift energy around major conflicts that get in the way of leveling up. Transforming conflicts into progress, we tackle the root causes of disputes, fostering open communication and understanding to not only resolve current issues but also to empower your team with the skills for proactive conflict resolution in the future.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT We provide strategic planning and immediate response to mitigate unexpected events and threats that may affect an organization's reputation, culture and morale. While we believe that crisis is best managed through prevention, we provide full-spectrum support to leadership and organizations navigating commnunication plans, accountability, and responsive action.

MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS We serve as a grounding force for organizations navigating the complexities of integration and change management.  We specialize in crafting tailored strategies that not only ensure a seamless transition but also preserve and enhance the core values and culture of the involved entities. We focus on the human aspect of M&A, facilitating hard conversations and creating safe spaces for all stakeholders to voice concerns and aspirations.

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Leadership Training

Transformation happens from the inside out- we create change by inspiring individuals to shift their own mindset and behaviors, which then emanates outward to create organizational change. This process starts at the leadership level, helping executives explore their purpose, highest desires, blind spots, and opportunities to level up. Through this process, we support Executive Communications, Re-Org and Re-Branding Initiatives, Implementation Planning, and Board Engagement.

EXECUTIVE COACHING 1-on-1 executive coaching offers a tailored, reflective space for leaders to safely explore their strengths, challenges, and aspirations, fostering profound self-awareness and actionable insights.

EXECUTIVE & STAFF RETREATS Immersive retreats for leaders and staff to create engaging, transformative spaces to align around what we most desire and process what is getting in the way of achieving that as a team. TruNorth integrates a blend of leading edge technolog with holistic, culturally-affirming healing practices for stress relief, self care, mindfulness, and relaxation, as well as training for managing the complex energy and interpersonal dynamics that arise.


Partner with TruNorth

Embark on a journey of transformation with TruNorth. Our consulting services are designed to unlock the full potential of your organization, making way for unprecedented levels of success, innovation, and fulfillment. Together, let's build a future where your team not only achieves its goals but does so with a deep sense of purpose, equity, and inclusion.


Click below to reach out for a free consultation to discuss your organization's needs and receive a customized proposal for partnership. 

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