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501(C)(3) NON-PROFIT

The TruNorth Foundation

Community & Culture Drives Our Work 

At the heart of the TruNorth Foundation lies our unwavering belief that community and culture are the driving forces behind meaningful change.

The Foundation supports vital initiatives aimed at enhancing the capabilities of nonprofits and fostering the development of community leaders.  Our work is anchored in the power of collective action and shared values, shaping a world where every individual and organization thrives on purpose.

What We Do

Catalyzing Purposeful Transformation

The TruNorth Foundation, a dedicated 501(c)(3) nonprofit arm of TruNorth Institute, empowers community-centered initiatives with access to comprehensive training and skill-building.  By leveraging the resources and expertise of TruNorth Institute, the Foundation seeks to create impactful, lasting change, driving forward our shared vision of a better, more equitable world. 

The following programs are offered through the TruNorth Foundation:


Cultivating community & non-profit leadership


Resources & programs for critical skill-building


Developing community sectors through wellness & purposeful living


The Conductors' Circle 

Empowering communities & funders through participatory grant funding


TruNorth Foundation's leadership development program  is centered on cultivating visionary leaders within the non-profit sector. Through workshops, coaching, and mentorship, we aim to in    still a deep sense of purpose in nonprofit executives and community leaders, equipping them with the necessary skills and insights to inspire their teams and effect meaningful change.



Leadership Development



Technical Assistance

Nonprofit Capacity Enhancement: This area is dedicated to empowering non-profit organizations to more effectively achieve their missions. By providing comprehensive training and resources, we enhance operational efficiency, financial stability, and strategic foresight, ensuring organizations can serve their communities sustainably and effectively.

Partnerships and Collaboration: Through our Technical Assistance, we form alliances with nonprofits, educational institutions, and government agencies, helping them define and chart a path to deepening the impact of their purpose-driven programs, products, and services.

Funding Partnerships: TruNorth Foundation works with foundations to underwrite technical assistance services that we deliver to nonprofits and public-serving agencies that may not have the budgets and capacity that they need. Specifically, we partner with funders to create Technical Assistance Grant programs for grantees, and communities of practice for enhancing strategy, community engagement practices, and other areas of critical skillbuilding for successfully achieving equitable outcomes. 


TruNorth Foundation offers events, programs and retreats designed to strengthen core segments of our community.

Focused on community leaders, youth leaders, parents, activists, and front-line staff in the non-profit sector, we strengthen ties within these groups by offering safe spaces and expertly-curated opportunities for professional development and personal well-being,

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Events & Programs

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