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Team Building & Workforce Development

TruNorth Institute works with major institutions and companies on workforce training and culture change initiatives. We've witnessed what drives change in individuals, relationships, culture, and systems, and deliver executive-level strategic support and scalable, bespoke training programs that cultivate a cultural awareness and positive behaviors around trust, belonging, and purpose.

We create bespoke training experiences for teams to meet each organization's unique needs:

  • Facilitated live trainings & workshops

  • Self-paced or in-person learning journeys

  • Online & in-person affinity groups & discussion forums



Behavioral Psychology

We employ science-backed paradigms for unlocking bias, performance hacking, and behavior change.

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Immersive Technology

We utilize leading edge technology for immersive visualization & empathy training.

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Culturally-Affirming Practices

We share holistic practices & mental models honoring cultures and wisdom from across the globe, celebrating how diversity makes us stronger.

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Experiential & Embodiment Practices

We facilitate modern therapeutic & growth tools for cognitive & emotional processing to cultivate breakthrough moments.

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The Power of Purpose & Belonging

We ground all of our executive coaching and training programming in the power of purpose and belonging, so that each person feels connected to the best versions of themselves and to the transformative goals of the organization. From this focus of 'On Purpose', we engage in deep, meaningful conversations that intentionally lift shame, guilt, and blame off of people so they are motivated to change and then we offer specific, actionable practices that they can engage in so they can see a clear pathway for how they can be part of a creating change.


The cornerstone of innovation is a culture of belonging, where diverse minds are united by a shared purpose and empowered to create.

No Shame, No Blame
Our approach is markedly different from traditional management styles and trainings which often rely on negative reinforcement, falling back on  punitive measures of “finger wagging” through shame and blame to enforce outcomes.  Behavioral research unequivocally demonstrates that such strategies are not only ineffective across diverse employee demographics but also counterproductive, as they exacerbate workplace division and foster an environment of divisiveness and reduced psychological safety.


Instead, we formulated the On Purpose framework to shift culture inside of institutions, starting within individuals and shifting the mindsets, biased orientations, and self-sabotaging behavior to empower employees to level up and achieve greater outcomes, sense of belonging, and connection:

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Unlock a pathway from learning to belonging

Discover TruNorth's fully scalable digital solution for behavior change and self-paced learning.

Discover the Purposeful App

TruNorth  presents 'Purposeful', a digital solution designed to help teams thrive by helping employees tap into what matters most to them.  

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Purposeful is a behavior-change platform that leverages user input & machine learning to provide a fully customized wellness & learning experience to every individual. 
Created in partnership with Kumanu, this powerful tool combines TruNorth's flagship learning journeys, advanced technology and  live experiences to inspire, support, and align with the most powerful change agent studied – purpose.

Learning Journeys

Trust & Purpose-building at your Fingertips

Our learning journeys are comprehensive  experiences that blend self-paced learning with community interaction and live facilitated sessions.


Each journey is structured around a series of modules that delve into critical aspects of personal development, leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion.  By examining the underlying forces that shape our thoughts, emotions, and actions, we equip participants with the tools and frameworks necessary to initiate meaningful change.

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Adaptive Technology

A uniquely customizable experience

TruNorth's programs are designed to uncover and empower every individual's unique pathway to purpose.  The Purposeful app leverages user input and machine learning to provide custom-curated content, timely notifications and personalized reminders to keep users engaged and On Purpose.


The Science behind Culture Change & Workforce Development

TruNorth combines modern behavioral psychology and time-honored cultural wisdom to motivate and unite participants in shared purpose and belonging:

  1. Enhance Self-Efficacy and Growth Mindset: By encouraging a belief in personal development and the ability to overcome challenges, we aim to replace fixed mindsets with growth-oriented perspectives, fostering resilience and adaptability.

  2. Address Cognitive Biases and Heuristics: Recognizing and mitigating the influence of unconscious biases and mental shortcuts that can lead to flawed decision-making and perpetuate stereotypes within the workplace.

  3. Promote Psychological Safety: Creating an environment where employees feel safe to express themselves, take risks, and voice their opinions without fear of retribution, thereby enhancing creativity, innovation, and engagement.

  4. Foster Intrinsic Motivation: Utilizing techniques such as motivational interviewing and appreciative inquiry to align individual values with organizational goals, thereby increasing engagement and satisfaction by tapping into internal drivers of motivation rather than relying on external rewards or punishments.

  5. Cultivate Social and Emotional Intelligence: Encouraging the development of key interpersonal skills, such as empathy, active listening, and effective communication, to improve collaboration, conflict resolution, and team cohesion.

  6. Implement Behavioral Nudging: Applying subtle prompts and cues to gently steer employees towards more productive behaviors and decisions without restricting their freedom of choice.

  7. Systems-Level Thinking: Recognizing and addressing the interconnectedness of individual behaviors within the broader organizational ecosystem, ensuring that changes at the individual level are supported and reinforced by organizational policies, practices, and norms.

Let's work together.

Interested in learning how TruNorth can design a development program to help meet your organization's needs?  Get in touch.

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