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Retreats & Events

Heal.  Educate.  Empower.

At TruNorth, our retreats are more than temporary escapes; they represent a deep commitment to fostering a global wellness community focused on being in alignment with purpose.

Anchored in personal development, emotional growth, and a profound connection with nature, we provide a holistic journey designed to nurture healing, rejuvenation, and help embrace practices defined by intentionality and meaningful engagement.

The Power of Retreat

Our carefully curated retreats serve as sanctuaries for transformation and self-discovery.  Our retreats are not just a vacation; be prepared to put in the work, and expect to come away with the insights and tools necessary for participants to navigate their lives with defined and renewed purpose and clarity.

Whether aiming to transform, heal, or deepen your professional practice, TruNorth invites you on a journey that goes beyond the conventional, ensuring you return enriched with clarity, purpose, and the power to make a meaningful impact.


What We Offer:

Excursions & challenges crafted to empower your senses of curiosity, resilience and teamwork.

Curated Challenges & Excursions

Our retreats are a conduit for shared experiences, learning, and forging meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

Purposeful Community & Connection 

Retreat spaces & offerings that prioritize environmental care and sustainability as a lifelong commitment.

Environmentally mindful choices

Explore your Dharma & life's purpose through our workshops tailored to uncover and nurture your potential.

Purpose-Driven Personal Growth

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Expertly-facilitated exercises and interactions hand-picked to suit the audience and retreat theme.

Tailor-made experiences for professionals

Wellness offerings that celebrate diversity while uniting us in our common quest for purposeful living.

Nourishing Practices & Wellness Services

Upcoming Events & Retreats

TruNorth regularly offers events & retreats in Colorado (US), San Jose, and Limon, Costa Rica.  Check back regularly for more, or get in touch to learn how we can privately curate an event for your group or company in any part of the world.

Fitness Group
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EmpowerU- Mind Body Soul Challenge

Begins Jun 21, 2024 |  30 Days of Mindfulness and Movement

EmpowerU is a daily roadmap of meditation, exercise, and personal reflection designed to empower your mental and physical health over 30 transformative days.  Join as an individual or join a group to cheer one another on and your chance to win!


Navigating the Matrix: Visionary Leadership and Empowerment 

Jun 17-21, 2024 |  Limon, Costa Rica

Designed for Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs and High Level Executives, this transformative journey will sharpen your ability to lead with vision and purpose amidst the complexities of the modern world. 

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Empower & Explore: Educators Journey to Purposeful Living

Jun 24-28, 2024 |  Limon, Costa Rica

Dive into the heart of Costa Rica's breathtaking landscapes for a transformative 5-day, 4-night retreat designed exclusively for educators, teachers, and administrators. 

Interested in a privately curated event for your team or company?  Get in touch.

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