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Classroom Lecture

Empowering Purpose Through Education

We believe in the transformative power of education-not just as a tool for learning, but as a pathway to discovering and aligning with our deepest purpose. In the complex landscape of today’s educational environments, the continued quest for diversity, equity, and inclusion stands as a beacon guiding us toward a future where every educator and student can thrive, grounded in their authentic selves.

TruNorth in Education Systems

Throughout our decades-long journey working alongside school systems, TruNorth has witnessed the challenges of integrating meaningful DEI practices into our schools: beyond foundational definitions and basic awareness, there lies a profound need for healing from systemic inequities and for cultivating spaces where every voice is valued and heard.

Our Educational Heritage

TruNorth's team of Education specialists are first and foremost educators themselves: our team is comprised of individuals with background and training in administration, budgeting, and classroom teaching, from ECE through high school.

Our team brings deep expertise and lived experience in facilitating healing circles with educators to address and release the trauma that we are each holding from working within the system, while taking steps to embed Black, indigenous, and Latinx culture into the culture of the education institution and individual classrooms. 


Non-white educators often bear additional responsibilities beyond their teaching duties, including serving as cultural liaisons for students of color, advocating for equitable practices within their schools, and navigating microaggressions or systemic biases.

School Building

Tailored Services for Educators

TruNorth works with institutions and systems to assist them with assessing their current systems, developing tailored solutions, and setting goals and implementation plans to put schools and education systems on a trajectory for transformation grounded in racial and social equity.


Affinity Circles for BIPOC Educators

Dedicated safe spaces and personalized coaching designed to meet the distinct challenges and opportunities experienced by BIPOC educational leaders.    Empowering marginalized educators to forge strong, supportive communities,  facilitate meaningful dialogue, share best practices for overcoming systemic barriers, and foster leadership that is deeply rooted in purpose and empowerment.


Learning Journeys for Educators & Youth

Teachers and students engage with our digital self-paced modules and vibrant, online and in-person facilitated discussions.


Our programs are crafted to empower educators and youth with the tools and understanding needed to nurture a supportive, inclusive, and purpose-driven learning environment.


Healing Spaces & Retreats for Educators

Healing spaces & retreats provide a peaceful, intentional respite for educators to re-center, unburden and focus in on specific themes.  \


Our tailored  retreats are designed to empower educators, rekindle their passion for teaching, and equip them with tools to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Case Studies

Black Educators Heal

Affinity Circle & Healing Spaces for Educators

In 2022, TruNorth  launched a series called Black Educators Heal, which provides healing spaces specifically for afro-indigenous educators who have often faced discrimination, dehumanization, and trauma inside of education systems, both as children and as employees.


Freedom School

Youth Programming & Learning Journeys

The One Tribe Family Freedom School launched in 2019 as an interdisciplinary, research-based curriculum built on an ethic of decolonization and humanizing education while building literacy skills for students in early childhood education through high school.

Heal our Schools

Healing Spaces for Youth

In 2023,  in response to recent tragedies of ongoing school violence , TruNorth facilitated a standalone event for educators, students, and parents impacted by school violence.

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