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Immersive Workplace Programs

Bring your next team retreat, conference, and employee engagement programming alive with On Purpose Workshops

and Training Programs

Talent Development is all about connecting People with their Purpose: When people are passionate about what they are doing and using their natural gifts and skills to accomplish ambitious goals as part of a team they feel Connected, Empowered, and a sense of Belonging. Often, however, people feel burned out, shame, fear, anger, or sadness, and it gets in the way of operating from their fullest, most resourced selves.

TruNorth Institute works with major institutions and companies on talent and culture change initiatives. Most organizations fail to implement effective, transformative programs because they fail to understand what drives actual change in individuals, relationships, culture, and systems.

Neuroscience and psychology estimate that 95% of our behavior is controlled by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is not motivated by achieving goals, challenges, or transforming ourselves. Instead, the subconscious mind protects us using survival instincts, past experiences and learned behavior, cognitive biases, avoiding negative emotions and potential of being abandoned, exiled or ostracized. When we operate subconsciously from those fears, it is impossible to make the bold, innovative changes that we as leaders aspire toward.


When people bring their full selves to work, they also bring their full energy, their full perspectives, and their full Potential.  Creating more Purpose driven organizations increases employee retention and productivity creating more sustainable impact and growth.

An Inside-Out approach to transformation

Our immersive employee training programs guides your leaders, board, staff, volunteers, and other stakeholders through learning journeys focused on Connecting To Purpose, Trust-Building, Burn-out Busting, and Working in Coalitions.


We join team and company retreats to infuse these topics, bringing immersive technology for different ways of learning and engaging. Between in-person events, participants have access to self-paced, engaging learning modules with monthly intimate, expert-facilitated virtual sessions for dialogue and discussion.


In the content for each module, we present information and frameworks that are relevant to the organization and timely, and we also can curate content that speaks specifically to different stakeholder groups that are participating. For example, leadership may receive specific content to contextualize the topic of the month that guides them as they develop and implement strategies to transform institutional systems, AND we curate related but unique content specifically for volunteers or “front-line workers” on how they can apply specific practices to their day-to-day work with the people they serve.

The Impact

After completing the On Purpose Learning Program, leadership and employees will:

  • Feel connected to their own purpose, and how it aligns with the purpose of your workplace

  • Identify and break patterns that get in the way of the experiences they want, like self-sabotage,
    conflict avoidance, procrastination, blame, shame, distrust, or divisive behavior

  • Align with new mindsets and behaviors that serve driven by their purpose 

  • Master Deep Work, with Daily Inspired Actions to break through the burn-out and overwhelm

  • Find greater flow in their work and as part of the team, creating a sense of belonging, connection, and purpose

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